"Concordia Cosmetic" represents the famous professional cosmetics Mary Cohr (France) , Gatineau (France) and Natura Bisse (Spain)

The famous professional brand Mary Cohr (France) presents a new modification of Catio Vital machine which has deserved high reputation in the market of Latvia, - Catio Vital Cellular Energy machine. Catio Vital Cellular Energy machine is an alternative to Aesthetic Medicine. Mary Cohr has created a revolutionary machine to rejuvenate the face.

The offers for the purchase of Catio Vital Cellular Energy machine during the exhibition!

In 2017 Mary Cohr pleased the customers with new procedures Dermo Peeling Ph-peeling with phytic acid for all skin types and Dermo Peeling Microdermabrasion for sensitive skin. These procedures will be available for beauticians during the exhibition.

Natura Bisse - luxury cosmetics brand which claimed itself as:
• Leader in the field of low molecular weight protein-based cosmetics. Almost all cosmetic products contain up to amino acids hydrolysed proteins: collagen, elastane and keratin, which are the basic material for the skin sturcture.
• Patent owner for cosmetics with skin aging control Biomarkers.

During the exhibition:
40% discount Mary Cohr Retail products!
30% discount Gatineau Retail products!
40% discount Natura Bisse Retail products!