DaLashes cleansing foam for eyes and face with linden or green tea aroma (Latvia)

Thoughtful formula for cleansing the face and to take care of natural eyelashes as well as eyelash extentions. The airy, gentle texture of the foam delicately cleanses the skin and does not dry it. Foam cap is dense and elastic. Perfectly washes, easy to clean and removes makeup. Specially designed for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Regular application will give the skin a healthy appearance, will refresh and moisturize it. Vitamin E slows the cellular ageing process, enriches blood with oxygen eliminating the signs of fatigue. Provitamin B5, in turn, regenerates the damage tissues, speeds up epidermis cell metabolism, helps collagen fibres to keep their form. Gypsophila smoothes and refreshes the complexion. Foam is ideal for removing makeup and relieves sensitive skin.