Buras Contemporary Dance Group Invites to the Anniversary Concert 20 Years of Dance

On 30 June at 19:00, one of the best Latvian contemporary dance groups Buras invites everyone to a spectacular anniversary concert 20 Years of Dance at the exhibition hall in Ķīpsala. The concert will showcase the very best: exciting fragments from dance productions, dancers’ favourite pieces, and premieres.

“It doesn’t matter if you have just learned your first dance moves or if the dance hall has been your second home for more than 10 years – the joy of dance and the wish to put their best foot forward is strong in us all. We invite everyone – dance professionals, art connoisseurs and other enthusiasts – to spend a wonderful evening watching an exciting, lavish and emotionally charged concert in Ķīpsala!” says choreographer Edīte Ābeltiņa, manager of the Buras dance group.
The concert will captivate viewers with impressive decorations made from more than 6000 origami elements, and a high-quality sound and light show. The stylistically diverse concert will feature the full troupe of the Buras dance studio – more than 140 dancers aged 8 to 35. 

Buras has been entertaining both Latvian and foreign audiences with diverse and high-quality contemporary dance concerts for 20 years. Buras means a life in constant movement. Alongside concerts all around Latvia, the group has performed in Lithuania, Estonia, Austria, Spain, Turkey, Mexico and Poland. In the dancers’ eyes, their highest achievement is the Grand Prix at the Andong Mask Dance Festival in South Korea. The group performs in contemporary, show dance, hip-hop and breakdancing styles.

The contributions of choreographer Edīte Ābeltiņa, the manager and founder of Buras dance studio, extends beyond the concerts of Buras to include events of national significance. She has been the artistic manager and director of the contemporary dance grand concerts at four Latvian School Youth Song and Dance Festivals, has worked with leading Latvian musicians and on other large-scale projects in the dance genre. More: www.buras.lv

Tickets are available at Biļešu paradīze box offices and at the exhibition hall in Ķīpsala. Ticket prices: EUR 6.50–15.00 Information on ticket booking, group discounts and applications available over the phone: 67067500 or via e-mail: music@bt1.lv. 10% discount for Family Tickets (4–8 people).