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 Want to take a renovation into your own hands? Here are six useful tips!

Before planning renovation, read six important tips gained from practical experience, then go to “House. Apartment 2017” to be held from 19?22 October at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre to look for the most suitable materials and meet knowledgeable masters.
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 My house is my castle! "House. Apartment" challenges modern housewives!

If good tools are worth gold for men, modern housewives know the value of good cleaning equipment, because these enthusiastic and thrifty ladies are ready for everything in the name of cleanliness and orderliness! If it is about you too, then come to “House. Apartment 2017” taking place from 19-22 October at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre and take part in the competition for modern housewives!
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 How to choose a heating system? “House. Apartment” recommends

The decision for buying a heating system is influenced by many different aspects – not only human lifestyles, but also tendency for resource saving and thinking in the long run. “House. Apartment 2017”, 19–22 October, will offer a wide range of heating systems, but meanwhile, you can decide, which one is the most suitable for you!
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 Before building, renovating or improving, visit the exhibition “House. Apartment 2017”!

It’s already a tradition. In autumn, from 19 to 22 October, the most anticipated exhibition for anyone that is building, renovating or revamping, “House. Apartment 2017”, will open its doors in Kipsala. Visit the exhibition and be one step closer to your dream home!
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 Home design trends: then and now!

Time goes by, we are changing and we change our homes! “House. Apartment 2016”, 13–16 October, will present the latest construction, interior design and home improvement solutions. To understand how much our homes has changed, we offer the story of how it was then and is now.
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Participant news

Wastewater treatment equipment at “Traidenis” stand

Lithuanian company Traidenis in exhibiton „House. Apartment 2017” will present one of customers favorite products – NV type biological treatment plants of domestic wastewater for private houses. During the exhibition there will be possibility to receive information regarding all company UAB Traidenis products and get qualified consultation.
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The XFIXI Construction Group will provide advice on the construction and insulation of fast and energy efficient buildings

At the exhibition "Mâja. Dzîvoklis 2017" XFIXI Construction group will advise visitors on the construction of private houses from innovative and energy-efficient construction materials produced in Latvia. They will also consult on heat insulation of buildings with polyurethane foam and there will be possibility to calculate the required amount of heat and costs with a sepcialized “XFIXI”calculator on-site.
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Loudspeakers, acoustic panels and acoustic doors made in Latvia

During the exhibition “Mâja.Dzîvoklis 2017”, company “Aija Audio” invites you to get to know loudspeakers, speaker enclosures, acoustic panels that has gained their recognition in Europe, and also acoustic doors that are perfectly suited for recording studios and rooms with high acoustic requirements. All products are made in Latvia.
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Get to know revolutionary heating device “Weltem”

In the exhibition ’’Mâja. Dzîvoklis 2017’’ at ‘’Jumatex’’ stand, it will be possible to test the heater and get advice “Weltem”.
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Tasteful hammock chair for the interior and garden at the AI.X exposition

At the exhibition "Mâja. Dzîvoklis 2017” AI.X will offer hand-made hammock chairs for home and garden, made in Latvia.
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Rikon AC presents new Panasonic heat pump and air-con models

Rikon AC will introduce to the Mâja. Dzîvoklis 2017 visitors with the latest "Panasonic" air-conditioner and heat pump models. Supplies the Panasonic NORDIC air-to-air heat pumps and the Panasonic AQUAREA T-CAP air-to-water equipment, designs heating systems based on them, provides installation and maintenance of systems, giving them a 5 years warranty
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„Intra-Serviss” presents long burning sold fuel boilers

The only representative of „Stropuva” in Latvia – „Intra-Serviss” will present unique long burning sold fuel boilers in exhibition „Mâja. Dzîvoklis 2017”.
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Everything for your garden interior, functionality and simply – at „NeoMâ” exposition!

„NeoMâ” in exhibiton „House. Apartment 2017” will present one of customer favorites – garden house „Agija”. Everyone will have the chance to see the garden house not only from outside but also from inside. This exact model will come with a grill inside – it can be removed from other house models! “Agija” will have a wonderful discount price for this exhibiton!

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"Starpsienu centrs" will present frameless glazed constructions for interior and exterior

This year company at the exhibition “House. Apartment 2017” will present a new, bigger stand where it will be possible to see furniture for frameless glazed railings, different types of glass systems for showers, glass railings and canopies, frameless hinged, folding and sliding doors.
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Heating pumps and air conditioners with discount till -25% at “Silta-Mâ” exposition

In “Silta-Mâ” exposition there will be opportunity to get information about newest products and get consultation.

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“” offers wide range of solid surface products

“” offers such solid surface brands as Dupont Corian, Staron, Meganite, and this year’s novelty to widen our range of offers – Dekton and Silestone materials.

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