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11 - 12 March

13 March

Full admission ticket – 3 €

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Entrance ticket valid for one-off visit on any exhibition day.
You can also use the ticket to attend an ongoing International Education Fair Skola 2022 (March 11-13) and
“PetExpo 2022” (holidays only: March 12-13)

How to find us

City Centre to Ķīpsala:
Trolleybuses 5, 9, 12, 25
Buses 13, 30, 37, 41, 53, 57
Minibuses 236, 237, 241
Night bus N4

Ķīpsala to City Centre:
Trolleybuses 5, 12, 25
Buses 13, 30, 37, 41, 53, 57
Minibuses 236, 237, 241
Night bus N4

Baltic TAXI, telephone: 8500

Distance to:
Old Town: 1 km – 5 minutes drive

Airport: 10 km – 10 minute drive

Railway Terminal: 3 km – 5 minutes drive

Bus Station: 3 km – 5 minutes drive

Passenger Port: 1 km – 5 minutes drive

Events programme


Friday, 11 March
10.45 Grand opening of Latvian Book Fair 2022
11.00 Meeting with writers from Tukums: Rolands Buls, Gvido Dragis, Iveta Šimkus, Guna Roze, Guntis Tālers, Vilis Seleckis, Ilga Liepiņa Presentation of “Pasakas par putniem” (“Fairy Tales about Birds”) by A. Lerhis-Puškaitis
Invited by the Tukums Writer Association
12.00 Opening event for the “50 populārākās dziesmas” (“50 Most Popular Songs”) book with lyrics, chords and sheet music of songs by guitarist and composer Aivars Hermanis
Performance by Aivars Hermanis, Ieva Akuratere, Igo
Organised by the publisher MicRec
13.00 Meeting with writers Dace Judina and Arturs Nīmanis
Organised by the publisher Latvijas Mediji
14.00 Meeting with philosopher Raivis Bičevskis
Opening of the book “Sabiedrība bez pasaules” (“Society without the World”)

Organised by the University of Latvia Press
15.00 Meeting with writer and poet Jana Egle
Organised by the publisher Latvijas Mediji
16.00 Opening of the book “Veiksmīga uzņēmumu apvienošana un iegādes integrācijas noslēpums” (“Success in Merging Businesses and Secret to Integration of Purchasing”) with its author Kaspars Mucenieks
Organised by Turība University

Saturday, 12 March
11.00 Presentation of the Tiny Books from Baltic Authors international project
Organised by the National Library of Latvia and IBBY Latvia
12.00 How to properly understand history
Organised by the publisher Madris
13.00 Opening of a book by Inese Paklone, “Zvēru barošana” (“Feeding Animals”), and the “Zvirbulim nenāk miegs” (“A Sparrow Can”t Sleep”) anniversary collection of works by Māris Rungulis Mammal, bird and reptile contest
Organised by the publisher Pētergailis
14.00 Meeting with the authors of the “Latvijas vēstures mīti un versijas” (“Latvian History Myths and Theories”) series
Organised by the publisher Aminori
15.00 Discussion about books on parenting, and what parents expect from them
Participants will include mother of five, author of the blog and Montessori teacher Viktorija Ozola, and father of two and instructor at the Tēvi association Lauris Bokišs
The creator of the Piedzīvot lappuses podcast, Aija Bremšmite, will moderate the discussion
Organised by the publisher Avots
16.00 Meeting with author Maija Krekle
Organised by the publisher Latvijas Mediji

Sunday, 13 March
11.00 Meeting with children”s author Zigmunds Bekmanis
Organised by the publisher Latvijas Mediji
12.00 Discussion with Estonian writer Juhani Pitsep and Latvian artist Gundega Muzikante who co-authored the book “Ir mēness zelta kuģis” (“The Moon is a Ship of Gold”)
Organised by “Jāņa Rozes apgāds”
13.00 Discussion about the “Pasaule un mēs” (“The World and Us”) programme of the KultūrELPA project
Organised by “Jāņa Rozes apgāds”
14.00 Presentation of the book “Sibīrijas bērni 1949” (“Siberia”s Children, 1949”)
Organised by the “Sibīrijas bērni” foundation
15.00 United in culture, or not really? Discussion about translations of works by Baltic Assembly Prize winners in the “Jaunā klasika” (“New Classics”) series. Presentation of the No More Amber literary magazine, published jointly by Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia
Participants will include translators and editors of the works
Organised by the Latvian Writers” Union
13.00 What to tell children about historic events
Conversation with Lithuanian author Jurga Vilė and artist Lina Itagaki, authors of the book “Sibīrijas haika” (Siberian Haiku)
Held by Liels un mazs publishing house 14.00 Launch of the book “Bāreņu atgriešanās. 1941. gadā aizvesto bērnu pārvešana no Sibīrijas uz dzimteni (1946–1947). Dokumenti un atmiņas” (The Return of the Orphans. Bringing the Children Taken to Siberia in 1941 Back to Their Homeland (1946–1947). Documents and Memories) by Jānis Riekstiņš
Held by the University of Latvia Press 15.00 Opening of the novel “MĒMAIS” (MUTE) by Dace Judina and Arturs Nīmanis, followed by a discussion on collective silence and individual responsibility
Participants in the discussion: the authors of the book, literary scholar Evija Veide, forensic clinical psychologist Ilze Veitnere, sociologist Aivis Biķernieks, psychodrama specialist Gundega Kozlova, historian Arvo Karelsons, book blogger Meldra Gailāne, literary connoisseur and teacher Ruta Skrebele, and film director Brigita Eglīte
Held by Latvijas Mediji