Dog and cats waiting for you at PetExpo 2022!

Very soon, on 12 and 13 March, the PetExpo 2022 pet and animal industry show will take place in Ķīpsala, and its guests will get to meet cats and dogs: big, small, curly, longhairs of a large variety of breeds from Latvia and abroad.

Animal lovers will enjoy rooting for pets in competitions and discovering the diversity of different breeds, as during its two days, the show in Ķīpsala will include breeds of all 10 groups defined by the International Canine Federation, and all five groups of cat breeds.

190 dog breeds
2000 dogs of 190 breeds from Latvia and abroad will compete in international dog beauty pageants in Ķīpsala. This year, the stiffest competition will be among the Sheltie, American Staffordshire Terrier, Akita, Samoyed, Labrador, Golden Retriever and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dogs. There will be an unusually large number of Saluki (Persian Greyhound) dogs, of which none had been registered in Latvia just a decade ago. The less common breeds that you will find in Ķīpsala will include the Tenterfield Terrier. At the end of the two days of the show, the best representatives of every breed will compete for the Best of the Best title.

Specialised shows at the cat exhibition
The cat exhibition, located on the hall balcony, will offer some 250 cats. In addition to the popular British Shorthairs, there will be many Maine Coon cats, as well as cats with folding ears, both shorthairs and longhairs. The show in Ķīpsala will also include rarities such as Peterbalds and Tonkinese cats, which in Latvia you can only find at international shows, and the long-haired Selkirk Rex and Cornwall Rex cats.

This time, particular attention will be paid to cats with blue eyes, cats with white coats, and long-haired cats. For the enjoyment of the guests of the event, there will be a British Shorthair show (at 13:30 on 12 March), and Cornwall Rex show (at 13:00 on 13 March), and both the days will include presentations of the best cats, with the jury determining the champions. The jury will be international, with members from Poland, Italy and Belgium. It will be interesting to watch experts review cats and listen to what they have to say about breeds and specific cats.

Treat your pet!
The show in Ķīpsala will also have an exhibition of pet products and services, where its guests will be able to buy the best feed and treats for their pets, as well as collars, leashes, clothes, toys and other products. Make your pet happy!

The show will coincide with Latvian Book Fair 2022 and the Skola 2022 international education fair, which will also take place in Ķīpsala.

The show is organised by the BT 1 International Exhibition Company, in conjunction with the Latvian Canine