Perfect Fit” a high quality nutrition for cats

PERFECT FIT™ is expert nutrition designed to nurture your pet’s youthful spirit throughout their life.

In exhabition “PetExpo 2022” come and meet “Perfect Fit” where you can fill registration form to get a nutrition plan and get as a gift 750g cat food “Perfect Fit”. With that amount your cat (4 – 5kg) will have enough calories for 2 weeks.

Developed with our vets and pet nutritionists from “WALTHAM®” Centre for Pet Nutrition, PERFECT FIT™ combines 5 benefits addressing 5 of the most common health needs of all cats , regardless of age or lifestyle , in its unique PERFECT FIT™ Total 5 formula. Total 5 formula supports natural defenses, optimal weight management and body condition. Keeps a healthy urinary tract, digestion and skin & coat. In addition to our unique Perfect Fit™ Total 5 formula, every product in our range also contains 3 additional health benefits tailored to the specific needs of your cat, so you can be sure you are getting the right nutrition for your cat.