SCHOOL 2022 - RISEBA invites you to a motivating and inspiring meeting at Skola 2022

RISEBA invites you to a motivating and inspiring meeting at Skola 2022

On 11–13 March, the University of Business, Arts and Technology RISEBA will join the 27th international education fair Skola 2022, the most important event that explores education opportunities in Latvia, bringing together thousands of young individuals and offering extensive, high-quality information about potential education, all at the Ķīpsala exhibition centre.

RISEBA stands out among other Latvian higher education institutions by being a place where business truly meets art, with students in different fields crossing each other’s paths and collaborating, with specialists and instructors who are prominent individuals in artistic and business endeavours. A number of different business programmes, architecture, audiovisual media are some of the fields, in which RISEBA offers high-quality bachelor, master and doctoral studies.

This is also a special year for RISEBA, as the university celebrates its 30th anniversary, organising a few student activities, conferences, and later providing information about success stories in professional and education careers.
RISEBA’s participation in this year’s Skola 2022 will also be strategically planned, informative, and creative at the same time, making it possible for future students to find out what innovations and improvements RISEBA has introduced in its study content, and what social participation and extracurricular activities the university offers. A particularly motivating part will be the opportunity to apply for studies in the 2022/2023 academic year, with a 20% early applicant discount off the first year of tuition.
The university will also provide information about upcoming open days and present works by its students, to offer a glimpse of what studies are like at RISEBA. There will also be an opportunity to meet heads of study programmes, students, and to participate in contests organised by the university’s student government.
Looking forward to an inspiring meeting with you at the BT1 exhibition centre in Riga, at Ķīpsalas iela 8!