Horny topless trio Lady-X at Erots 2018!

During the “Erots 2018” festival, 16–17 February, Belarusian topless ballet trio “Lady X” will offer performances poised to be somewhere among high culture, aesthetics and pure, even animalistic eroticism.

Glittering gemstones, luxurious feathers, rosy lips, long cigarette holders and cigarette smoke whirling up… and behind all this, the mysterious beauty of a woman. Discover the secret of three Lady-X dancers, as they will literally strip themselves in front of the audience revealing their elegance, charm and sex appeal in its entirety!

The Lady-X performances are tastefully and aesthetically enjoyable eroticism – the movements of ornately clad dancers are graceful and so reserved, certainly building the tension up throughout the audience. When the prelude ends, the chains of correctness are broken and their gorgeous costumes fall. Moreover, choreography includes the elements of both contemporary dance and acrobatics.

The trio dances are distinguished by the game of contrasts in which sensual nudity outrivals shiny costumes and seeming aloofness of dancers. Latvian men, too, have not remained indifferent to these charming beauties, as Lady-X returns to Latvia with a brand new show programme.

The festival "Erots 2018" will show how varied eroticism can be. Eroticism is often perceived as nakedness, a manifestation of bare bodies; in reality, however, it is related to our dreams, unfulfilled desires that we are living with being even ashamed of. “Erots 2018” offers an open, friendly and secure environment where you can visualize your hidden desires and secret thoughts!

As you already know, two passion-filled nights, February 16–17, will offer the visitors of “Erots 2018” a show programme featuring hot divas, captivating female and naughty male strippers and other erotically charged performances. Along with the show, visitors will have a possibility to buy erotic lingerie, a variety of adult toys, sexy underwear, massage oils, films, etc.

Keep up with the latest updates: www.erots.lv and www.facebook.com/ErotsLV/

The International Erotica Festival “Erots” is held by the International Exhibition Company BT 1. Sponsors: Baltic Taxi, Bellevue Park Hotel Riga, Prieks Tūre and One Touch.

Tickets are available at the ticket offices of Biļešu serviss (http://ej.uz/kvd5) throughout Latvia. Gift yourself now, unpack in February! Under 18 not admitted!

Opening hours:
February 16, 18.00-03.00
February 17, 18.00-03.00