Bitch 2 Bitch stars to dominate and chasten at Erots 2018

They know what they want and enjoy it in front of hundreds of spectators – Terra Twain is to dominate her best friend Isabella Chrystin in the sensual Bitch 2 Bitch show presented during the “Erots 2018” festival at Ķīpsala, February 16–17.

Terra Twain is a 29-year-old lesbian porn star, who leaves her apartment in Prague only if she is completely convinced that she looks absolutely perfect. A desirable, self-opinionated and real bitch. Watch out, guardians of virtue, as this sex bomb with all her fetishes and unlimited fantasy is responsible for the Bitch 2 Bitch lesbian SM show at “Erots 2018”!

Her shows usually offer incredible excitement with something completely new and untried in real life. Many have seen "Fifty Shades of Grey", however, alongside this SM duo offering live, spontaneous, fantastic performance, this movie certainly pales into insignificance. There is nothing staged in it! It is unpredictability, animal instincts and intuition that maintains sharp sensations and sexual tension within audience.

"I like being spontaneous! I first tried SM with my ex-partner three years ago. It was exciting," says Terra Twain and continues, "my scene partner and I, we are the best friends. I’m dominant, but she is submissive. Each appearance on stage is different because our performances are spontaneous, not pre-staged. Bitch 2 Bitch itself was unplanned, too. Playing with my partner, we tried SM and realized that we would also willingly give pleasure to others. So, we decided to bring our chemistry to the stage."

Terra Twain further underlines that the show is not vulgar at any time; it combines unique music and bodies of beautiful women. It offers more than just nudity – an exchange of energy, relationship between the dominant and the submissive, and their adventures.

The talented adult film actress Terra Twain is, by the way, able not only to follow the film director’s vision on the set, but she also has her own fashion label. Her collections are inspired by urban culture – hoodies and cargo pants evoke a vivid and slightly ironic impression (www.facebook.com/terratwainstyle/). Her travel blog (lookintheworldnow.blogspot.com) shows off her trips from New York to Beverly Hills revealing her passion for big cities.

As you already know, two passion-filled nights, February 16–17, will offer the visitors of “Erots 2018” a show programme featuring hot divas, captivating female and naughty male strippers and other erotically charged performances. Along with the show, visitors will have a possibility to buy erotic lingerie, a variety of adult toys, sexy underwear, massage oils, films, etc. Keep up with the latest updates: www.erots.lv and www.facebook.com/ErotsLV/

Tickets are available at the ticket offices of Biļešu serviss (http://ej.uz/kvd5) throughout Latvia. Gift yourself now, and unpack in February! Under 18 not admitted!

The International Erotica Festival “Erots” is held by the International Exhibition Company BT 1. Sponsors: Baltic Taxi, Bellevue Park Hotel Riga, Prieks Tūre and One Touch.