Pets and adventures for the whole family at ZooExpo 2018!

On 10 and 11 November, Kipsala Exhibition Centre will host the beloved pet and zoo industry fair ZooExpo 2018 with dogs and cats, rabbits, ferrets, exotic birds, rodents and even spiders, as well as with exciting shows and interesting breed demonstrations. Pony rides and inflatable bouncers for children!

Dog pageants
For two days, more than 1700 dogs from Latvia and abroad, altogether representing 226 dog breeds, will compete for the title Riga Winner. Among participants – the Labradors, Jack Russel Terriers, Yorkshire Terriers, Pomeranians, and such rare breeds as the Bergamasco Shepherd and Bernese Hound. Visitors will have an opportunity to watch the Rhodesian Ridgeback Beauty Contest. The best representatives of each breed will compete for the Best of the Best title in the end of each event day.

Along with dog pageants on 10 and 11 November, shows and demonstrations exciting for both adults and kids will be held. There will be the German Shepherd criminal apprehension demo, meetings with the search and rescue dogs and attractive Newfoundland shows.

Find the Golden Cat!
For cat fanciers, there will be around 400 big and small, fluffy and hairless mousers from five countries. Apart from popular breeds, including the Siamese and Oriental cats, the cat show will present the Norwegian forest cats and the Toybobs, the world’s smallest cat breed. Special attention this year will be paid to black and chocolate cats (extremely rare colouring!). Visitors are also welcome to enjoy the show of Maine Coons, the world’s biggest cats!

The best of all breeds will compete for the Golden Cat title in the Golden Ring, 11 November. The winner will represent Latvia in the prestigious international cat competition “Golden Cat” next year.

100 ferrets!
It has been a long time since ferret shows in Kipsala Exhibition Centre. On the first event day, 100 (!) ferrets of standard and exotic colouring from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland and Sweden will meet at the international ferret show “Teeth’n’Tails 2018” held according the Scandinavian championship rules.

Big frogs, snakes, spiders!
“Insektariumas” from Lithuania will also offer something for those who like exotic creatures. Some people can be appalled, but others – excited seeing diversity of snakes, frogs, lizards, spiders, millipedes, stick insects and cockroaches. All those brave and interested will have the opportunity to touch and pick them up in hands!

Rabbit Meadow
“Trušu muiža” invites kids to visit the Rabbit Meadow, meet all the characters of Vilis Plūdons’ poem, cuddle and feed them, and receive surprise gifts from the owners.

Feed the world’s smallest pony!
Learn more about ponies! Offer a carrot or a rusk to the Shetland pony, a representative of the world’s smallest horse breed. For kids aged 1.5 and older, the sports club “Mežezeri” will offer to ride real ponies!

Treat Your Pet!
Alongside the furry and tailed creatures, Ķīpsala will also offer a vast exposition of zoo industry goods and services. Visitors will have the chance to purchase various animal foods, snacks and vitamins, animal care kits, cages, as well as various accessories and toys for great prices from more than 80 companies from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Great Britain and Germany. Moreover, all those interested will have the opportunity to receive professional advice regarding the selection of animal food, as well as tips for improving the health of their pet.

If You’re Looking for a Furry Friend
If you’re still looking for your four-legged companion, the fair will be a great place to see the variety of dog and cat breeds! It is forbidden to sell puppies and kittens at the fair; however, everyone will have the chance to talk to connoisseurs of various breeds in order to receive answers to the most burning questions and, perhaps, even put their name down for their future pet.

The ZooExpo exhibition is organised by the International Exhibition Company BT 1 in cooperation with the Latvian Cynological Federation and Latvian Felinology Association “Felimurs”. Sponsor of the cat and dog shows – ROYAL CANIN. More info: www.bt1.lv/zooexpo and facebook.com/petekspo.lv

Venue and opening hours:
Kipsala International Exhibition Centre
10–11 November 10.00–18.00

Ticket prices:
Children up to 4 years of age – free of charge!
Children aged 5–18 – EUR 3.50
Student, seniors, people with disabilities – EUR 4.50
Full ticket – EUR 6.00
Family ticket (2+2; 1+3) – EUR 13.00; with more children – EUR 1.50 per child
Tickets online: www.bezrindas.lv/lv/zooexpo-2018/5324/
Special price for the holder of DinoZoo Gold Loyalty Card (only at box office)!
Parking ticket – EUR 4.00